When Casual Gets Serious

Can a Hook up turn into Love?

Relationships blossom in different ways and there is no known formula that will get you into a relationship. You are more likely to meet your romantic partner randomly than in a bar or a hotel or a ball (Cinderella everyone?).  Some people spend years being sworn enemies then without any warning, they end up falling in love and get married. Others meet their soul mates in high school, University, Swinger clubs, public bathrooms; it just too random to predict.  In an age where hook up sites are becoming popular every day, you may wonder just how often “hook up dates” turn into something more than a “casual” thing.

A hook up is supposed to be a casual thing that ends after a few minutes or hours. There are no romantic dates, flowers or diamond rings in this kind of arrangement, just pure desire to satisfy your sexual needs.  Despite this, it is realistic to believe that a genuine romantic relationship can sprout from a hook up.  You need to know that there is no such thing as a “soul mate”; you will end up with the person who reminds you of your father or mother and partially resembles you.  Studies even show that pheromones do influence whether two people become attracted to each other or not.  Let us look at some hook up situations that can lead to romantic love:


Not all sexual experiences lead to a feeling that you are connected to you temporary lover. But there are times that the action in bed is just too good and the chemistry between you and your hook up is too strong to ignore. Feeling connected to someone sexually and finding someone you have good chemistry with in bed is very rare.  If it happens, then there is a chance that the person may ask to see you again and that is how you will end up dating for real.


Your “date” and you stumble into his/her house held tightly together in a passionate embrace. Then you notice he has a collection of all the things you find precious. It could be old diskettes, stumps or even magazines. The next thing you know is that you are walking around the house talking about his/her collection and forgetting about what the two of you wanted to do just a few minutes before. You may just end up dating because you have a hobby in common.

Meet by Accident

Sometimes you are strict with what you do on hook ups and take precautions to only meet the person in a motel not your house. That means that you won’t fall in love because of a hobby you like or because of the PC games on your computer.  Your intention is just to have sex then get into your car and go home. You may take all these precautions against love but what happens when you meet the guy/girl by accident? What if she is the new department head or the police officer who arrests your brother? You will be forcedd to engage with them, which may lead into another casual encounter and then love.

Love is a strange thing and it reveals itself in unexpected ways. Shakespeare knew this and that is why he wrote Romeo and Juliet.  He knew that two people from rival gangs or families can fall in love even if it puts them at risk of getting killed or being disowned. So, yes, your one night stand may turn into love and then marriage.

Adult Friend Finder Reviews are NOT all the same

Adult Friend Finder Reviews are written by all kinds of people. Some are qualified, some are regular users spreading information, and some are just scammers or spammers. I’ve been reviewing adult dating sites for many years now and thought I’d write this to those people out there writing crappy reviews about things they know nothing about. Please stop it. I should also mention that if you are a reader of reviews online, just make sure to read the whole review.

Usually people trying to earn a buck from one of their bad adult friend reviews is going to write in all positives or all negatives. If you see either, then you should immediately proceed with caution. The truth is that while many of the smaller adult dating sites are complete junk, most of the large ones have plusses and minuses. Fling.com, SexSearch.com, and AFF.com all have some fake profiles. They all have some quirky membership rates and/or issues. None of them will get you laid that night (it’s VERY unlikely). You have to realize what they are working with.

The key to these sites is their sourcing for women. In order to get women they need to have men that the women actually want to sleep with. In order to get said men, they have to first entice many men to signup in the first place. They usually do this by using porn sites or by using fake girls on the site to get guys to sign up. Hopefully none of this is new to you. If it is then you should definitely spend some more time doing more research before signing up for any adult dating sites.

The key is that big sites like the ones mentioned above have already gone through this process and have actual girls that might actually be looking for guys to sleep with. They’ve built a name for themselves and they have become credible sites at this point. So, if you aren’t having success with one of these sites then you need to look at your profile and your pics before you try one of the smaller sites. These smaller sites are really just getting their bearings and creating a name for themselves too but the truth is that you aren’t going to see the same success on justhookup.com that you would on AFF.

So remember the next time you are reading adult friend finder reviews online that they are still the best option and you shouldn’t give up on AFF just yet.


Justhookup scam

Justhookup.com is a website you can join if you are looking for sex without the commitment of a relationship. Many may consider this site to be a scam because it looks legitimate from the outside, while claiming to have true singles inside. However, the site actually delivers what it promises most of the time, and it is free. With this site, you can meet women; you just need to have patience.


First of all, it is almost impossible to contact any women with this site as it is hard to get a response from a woman. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to meet even nasty women. The site looks focuses on decent women, and many people say that most women here are snobbish and for any man to date. You will be able to use some features such as forums, a blog, the ability to receive and send emails, and a social network. One of the flaws that you will notice once you sign up is that many people call it the justhookup scam or call justhookup.com a fraud. It’s an inaccurate portrayal of the site, but it isn’t entirely false. You can read more about it at the link provided above.


You can use the forum without signing up for a membership. The sign up process is actually very simple, and you can avoid writing a lot about yourself, which is not only important if you want to save time, but when you want to know more about someone who is interested in you. You can send an email to that person in order to learn more about them because the site is absolutely free. One of the best features of Justhookup.com is that you can create a list with comma-delineated features that describe those activities you enjoy. These items will appear below your name when someone finds you. The same is true when you search for people who share similar interests- the details about hobbies and activities that they enjoy will appear below their names.

Justhookup.com ´s forums are great because they have many groups for different hobbies, regions, ages and religions. This site is an ideal resource for meeting locals, but its weakness is that the search feature is not as powerful as it should be.


Nonetheless, you will find what you are looking for with this search tool. It is important to change the details that are filled automatically when you perform a search for the first time, or your search will result in a demographic of women between the ages of 18 and 30 years old within a thousand miles of your zip code. I do not know why but you might get different results than you had anticipated for using this feature. One of the features that you will notice once you use Just Hookup is that there is no way to know what people are looking for when they sign up at this site. Are they looking for a relationship or are they just looking for sex? You just do not know what they want, and you have to see their profiles in order to find out what you need to know.


Another feature that Justhookup is lacking is an instant messaging feature to chat with someone should that person be online at the same time that you are online. One of the things that I love about Justhookup.com is that this platform is very easy to work with all of the time. However, keep in mind that it is important to share your thoughts only in your emails as the platform will not allow you to delete your comments. Another important aspect to bear in mind is that this average site has poor or non-existent customer service. You will not be able to see what you had said in past emails as the site does not offer this feature. It is important to remember that there is not a way to erase what you have said in the comments, and your teenager might happen to play with this feature at your expense. He or she may leave a comment that you would want to cry for.

 The Test

Five men have sent 450 emails to women on Justhookup during the past twelve weeks. They experienced a 17.1% response rate, and I think most men will not even get a response rate as high as this one. The result: no woman agreed to go on any date with those men. This is the reason why many people do not endorse this site.


Conclusively, most of the free sites like Justhookup.com are worth your time. However, you need to be careful when leaving comments as you will not be able to delete them. There is not a great adult dating out there these days that I’d recommend above all, but this might be one to try, just stay away from their paid membership.